The School of Arts and Sciences at AUD is hosting a prestigious


Theme: The Just Transition

April 22, 2024 | EMBA Building at the American University in Dubai

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A Ripple Effect of Change

Leveraging the momentum of COP28, our vision is to amplify the ripple effect of The Just Transition within our university community and beyond. We envision an inclusive platform where diverse voices ignite actionable solutions for a sustainable and equitable future, leaving no one behind.

We aim to be a catalyst for:

  • Focus on actionable solutions: Invite speakers who propose concrete plans and strategies for implementing The Just Transition within our university and beyond. Encourage audience engagement and discussions that lead to tangible next steps.
  • Amplify diverse voices: Showcase speakers from a wide range of backgrounds and disciplines, ensuring that different perspectives and solutions are represented on your platform.
  • Foster collaborations: Create opportunities for attendees to connect and collaborate across disciplines, sparking new partnerships and initiatives that can drive collective action.
  • Share knowledge and resources: Make the insights and resources discussed at your event easily accessible to a wider audience through recordings, online platforms, and partnerships with relevant organizations.
  • Connect to the local and global conversation: Partner with other TEDx events and organizations working on The Just Transition to share ideas, learnings, and best practices. Additionally, by aligning our event with IRENA's global momentum, we can empower our university community to translate global goals into local solutions.


Dr. Haitham Solh

Dr. Haitham Solh

Professor of Mathematics, American University in Dubai

>Dr. Alvin Orbaek

Dr. Alvin Orbaek White

Scientist, Deep Tech Founder, Rice University, Swansea University, MIT, Thought Leader on Nano Technology, Book Author

Lars Oellerich

Market Development Director

Dr. Shamma Al Naqbi

Dr. Shamma Al Naqbi

Highly Effective & Dedicated Associate Dean | Student Affairs Director | Program Chair | Educational Management | Early Childhood Education | Student Wellbeing & Engagement | Faculty Affairs | Security Services

Anzeem Arief

Mohamed Anzeem Arief

Technical Developer, Tyqee: Solutions

Alaa Arnaout

Alaa Arnaout

AUD Student

Hadiya Shah

Hadiya Shah

AUD Student

Nagham Aboueldahab

Nagham Aboueldahab

AUD Student

Talal Albadareen

Talal Albadareen

AUD Student



Learning Objectives

Develop Cross-Disciplinary Understanding:

Understand the transformative power of collaborative innovation in higher education, emphasizing the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration to address global challenges.

Explore Ethical Considerations in Technology:

Explore the intersection of AI and ethics, understanding how AI can be harnessed for sustainability and social responsibility while delving into the potential risks and challenges associated with AI.

Understand Psychological Aspects of Climate Change:

Understand the psychological factors contributing to climate change denial and learn effective communication and storytelling strategies to promote climate action.

Appreciate Sustainable Design Practices:

Appreciate the role of sustainable design in promoting environmental awareness and social responsibility, showcasing innovative examples and understanding the impact of design on creating a more just and equitable future.

Examine Circular Approaches in Greentech:

Examine circular approaches to sustainable materials, specifically focusing on the circular production of carbon nanotubes from waste materials. Understand the potential of circular solutions to address global challenges, emphasizing innovation in the Greentech industry.

Promote Social Entrepreneurship and Positive Impact:

Understand the potential of social entrepreneurship to address social and environmental challenges. Encourage individuals to consider how their skills and passions can contribute to positive change.

Organizing Team

Our entire team is composed of passionate volunteers.

Lisa Brashear

License Holder, Lead Organizer, Curator, Executive Production, Event Manager

Hania Mahassen

Curator, Executive Production, Event Manager

Micah Robbins

TEDxAUD Sponsorship Procurement

Madiha Hashmi

Speaker Trainer: Train & Prepare Speakers

Sara L. Montero

Sponsorships and Budgets Coordinator

Hanin Aljebawy

Speaker Trainer: Fact-Check Speeches

Meis Moukayed

Curator First Audtition, Backup Volunteers Support

Joy Kussaim

Marketing Manager

Caline Al Hage

Marketing Manager

Elie Sawaya

Central Services

Jorg Maak

Logistic Supervisor

Ronel Guevarra

Ronel Guevarra

Website Manager

Chris Calumberan

Chris Calumberan

Video Production Manager